Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ego Challenge.

Hi and welcome to my messy heaven.

So this is my first blog, my first blog post and I must confess to feeling rather nervous , particularly as I have forgotten where I have to go to edit it!  My thanks in advance for being here and I hope you enjoy what you see.

Before I go any further I need to give a big THANK YOU (see....big!!) to the amazing Carol Fox, who valiantly attempted to teach me how to set this up. Any muck ups you might find are my contribution to the process....Carol had to leave as she had a migraine coming on!! Be warned....I have this affect! On a serious note...of which there will be few, I am very grateful to Carol for the time she took to help me with this. I will be putting a link on here to her blog , one I often visit as she is a very talented artist and inspiring educator and a rather lovely person to boot (boy will she owe me a glass of wine or many). 


As the name suggests I am the naughty one on crafting workshops, getting worse with age and loving every minute of it. I love crafting even when I'm incredibly frustrated and 'sticking a butterfly' on it, or anything else, would be pointless. I was drawn into this wonderfully creative world by the other love of my life...diving. I wanted to find a way to get more enjoyment of the many images I have of fish, places, more fish, strange wriggly things, fish...

Scrapbooking caught my eye. A few (cough..) years later and I have yet to finish my first scrapbook as I have a profound inability to cut a straight line....with anything...and boy have I tried! Along the way I found out about so many creative processes, met many fabulously talented people and whilst having enjoyed many things I really, really, REALLY love mixed that's what I do.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Please do check out the links I put up (when I figure out how to....again!...sorry Carol!) . They are there because I enjoy them or I have used their stuff when I am making my usual chaotic mess. I hope you do too.

 Just spotted my first mistake...'ego challenge' refers to writing this first's definately been one! Oh well...onwards and upwards....happy messy time to you all xx