Sunday, 23 July 2017

Artie Aqua


Hi All

This is my entry for the fabby PaperArtsy blog. The current theme is Aqua and I decided to do a canvas.


A canvas board (this one is 8 x 8)
Gelli plate (one used 3 x 5)
Stamps PaperArtsy EAB02, Carabelle Studios Scribbled leafs and Textured circles
Archival ink in Cobalt and Manganese Blue
Fresco paints in Beach Hut, Mermaid, Glass Blue, Caribbean Sea and Midnight
White tissue paper
Matt medium


First of all I added the paint to my canvas. I brayered each colour onto my Gelli plate and then pressed the plate directly onto the canvas. I have my plate on a thin acrylic sheet which gives it more stability but it can be used without. Also you can use any size Gelli plate for this but you would have to take a bit of time deciding where on the plate to put the paint.

I chose to put the paint in a random pattern onto the canvas, starting with the lightest colour. I used all the colours except Midnight and Blue Glass at this stage.

Next I did a second layer altering the places I put down the Gelli  plate so that I had overlapping areas of colour and shapes.I used the same colours again. I used very thin layers of paint as I wanted some of the white of the canvas to show through and a soft effect.

When this was dry (in about 2 seconds!!)  I put a mask on the Gelli and brayered Glass Blue paint over the top, trying to ensure my mask did not move...eek!! I then removed the mask and pressed the plate onto the canvas. I also pressed the mask onto the canvas, paint side down of course (needs mentioning for those like me out there who forget to do that and get a very painty hand!!) which gives a very slight impression and adds a bit more texture. I guess you could also brayer the mask  and apply it that way and I think it would give a deeper impression...must try that myself. Oh, don't forget to put a piece of scrap paper over the mask first to stop it smearing!

I  then stamped some leaves from Carabelle Studio onto the tissue paper using the Archival ink. These were then adhered to the canvas with the matt medium.

After this I applied some Midnight to another Carabelle stamp and stamped onto the canvas. 

Finally I stamped out my sentiment from the new Alison Bomber collection from PaperArtsy EAB02 using black Archival ink, cut it out, edged it in black, attached to canvas....Tadah!!

Thanks for dropping by. Happy messiness to you all xxxxx

Friday, 28 April 2017

Outnumbered Challenge


Hi All

Here is a quick tag I made for the That's Crafty challenge, Outnumbered. It was a very simple tag to make which given my workload lately was about all my brain could cope with!! Then again friends would probably say that is my usual state of mind...simple! I would have to add stylish though.....moving on....

So this tag mainly involved stencilling, a bit of stamping and some heat embossing. I used Paper Artsy fresco paints and a couple of Amsterdam acrylics. 

I had actually started the tag a few weeks ago when I added some stencilling to use up some paint. I had used a Tim Holtz stencil...stripes I think it is. I loved the vibrancy of the orange so I decided I would use bright colours and then grunge it up a bit....I so loves my grunge!!

I used a Seth Apter stencil by Stencil Girls to add the numbers, using green and then yellow acrylic. (the Amsterdam) I then added some stamping using a Paper Artsy numbers collage with London Bus fresco paint, applied with a brayer. I did some more stamping with Archival ink in cornflower blue, using a Paper Artsy Lin Brown stamp.

On a separate piece of white card I randomly painted on a selection of colours using my fingers. When dry I stamped a Dina Wakely stamp in Versamark and heat embossed in black. I edged the tag in a variety of Gelatos and wrote out my quote on some card, cut it out and edged it with a black Posca pen and attached it to my tag along with my cut out image.

I will add a more detailed list of the products I used later, but as usual I got a bit behind...I blame work! 

Right, time to say goodnight and happy messiness to you all xxxx

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Ocean Treasures

PaperArtsy Challenge

Hi All

The current PaperArtsy is Blue and Ochre. Heaven as I love blue!! I love the sea, rather being under it as I dive and I love collecting sea shells, though I always make sure they are empty! I rarely make anything featuring the sea which is surprising as diving is what gave rise to my start in crafting. I wanted to make my photographs a bit more memorable which led to scrapbooking and then swiftly on to everything else! Who knows, one day I might actually finish my scrapbook...then again....

So here is my entry, four ATCs. I used a range of blue Frescos on my Gelli plate. I had cut the ATCs first and then applied to the Gelli as I wanted a very random background. I used a variety of Tim Holtz stencils.

I then added some stencilling using a Seth Apter stencil as the focus and a shell stencil. I also drew round the Seth stencil with a white marker to give it a bit more definition. 

I stamped some text onto the cards using a blue archival ink and a Lin Brown stamp. I did a bit more stamping in black archival using a Seth Apter stamp.

On a piece of card I painted a variety of colours that I felt fitted the Ochre part of the challenge...using a Sethie technique...boy do I love his style!! I then stamped my shells onto this, cut them out and decided they needed a bit...more?...So I sprayed them with some shiny stuff in a can. Still needed something more so I found some of my onion bag stash and thought I would use it as fishing net, but the mesh was a bright yellow so I painted it with Mud Splat which worked really well.

Finally I printed out the words I wanted, edged them in black, stuck everything together and.....tadah!!

Happy messiness everyone xxx

Sunday, 26 March 2017

My Homies


This is my second entry into the Paper Artsy challenge on Architecture.  I have made a pocket letter (although I have no pockets to put them in!!). The cards are ATC size.

I used a variety of PA stencils, Fresco paints and Lin Brown stamps. 

To start I made a masterboard using my Gelli plate and Fresco paints and stencils. Colours used were Cherry Blossom, Teresa Green, Mermaid and Cheesecake for the initial layers on the masterboard. I then used Bougainvillea, Caribbean Sea and Haystack through a variety of stencils.

I then applied some Little Black Dress with a credit card to add some lines and also added some paint splatters. I also added some paint splatters in Snowflake.

I then cut the board into the required size and added some stamping in Black Archival ink. I used Lin Brown stamps for this.

I painted some scraps of card in Bougainvillea, Caribbean Sea and Haystack which I stamped on  some Tim Holtz stamps and then cut out. I also wrote out the words I wanted.

I added some shading to the cards using a variety of Gelatos and then edged them with a black Gellato. 

I then used black and white journalling pens to doodle some doors and windows and edge the words...tadah!!....finished!!

This challenge continues to be a challenge and has made my brain work hard....a surprise to those who know me perhaps....

Anyhoo, if you have read this far, thank you so much and happy messiness to you all xxx

Saturday, 18 March 2017



Hi All

This is my entry to the latest challenge at PaperArtsy,' Doors, Windows and Architecture'. As I don't have any stamps featuring the above (at least none I could find in my chaotic craft room!!) so the first challenge was thinking of whether I could think of anything to do for it that did not involve buying more stamps!! Not that I am in any was against buying new 'pretties' but I have promised myself no new stuff until I can get into my craft room...sadly true. This is a major problem as I hate tidying and loovvve new pretties!

Anyhoo, one of my favourite mixed media artists is Seth Apter and thanks to PaperArtsy I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of his workshops. I love his paint techniques and decided to try and adapt one for this challenge, I have a brick stencil...brainwave....bricks are architectural....I'll do a brick wall. What I was going to do with the wall I had no further clue but it was a start!!

I should say that this will be my second challenge entry as my first idea is still a work in progress and has a long way to go. Now to get messy!!


Fresco Paints
Black Archival Ink
Matt Medium
Assorted Images
Posca Paint Pens

I started with a clothing label which I gessoed as it had lettering on it which I did not want to show through, after all who wants to know I buy all my clothes from Gucci...OK, all who know me can stop laughing and get off the floor!!

Once dry I then added Grunge paste through the stencil. Love this paste as it dries pretty rapidly and one of my pet hates and frustrations is drying time.

I then put one coat of paint (concrete) on the tag.

I then put some Slate on a piece of scrap card and spread it around with my finger... because I didn't want to wash brushes... lazy or what?

I then slapped the piece of card onto the tag. When the paint on the card had dried a little (which is very quick with Frescos depending on the thickness of the paint layer) I pressed the card more firmly onto the tag producing the effect you see below.

I carried on doing this, alternating between colours till I achieve the effect I wanted, the colours being Concrete, Slate, Terracotta and Mud Splat.

As a final finish I dry brushed Little Black Dress over the whole tag, focusing on the brick areas.

I liked the slate blotches on the tag and this gave me the idea of doing a graffiti style. So I then found some graffiti images and image transferred them onto the tag using matt medium. I also used a Jofe stamp of a flower border to imitate graffiti style text.Not sure if this worked but I liked the effect.

I also added a collage element to give the effect of a torn, shabby poster/advert, painted on a heart and did some more scribbling with  my posca pens.

Tadah! Finished!!

Thanks for having a look and as usual all mistakes are proudly my own.

Happy messiness to you all.
Cheers xxxx

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Infusions Of Springtime

Infusions Of Springtime

Hi All

This is a triptych that I made for the Paperartsy Challenge ...  Paints and  Infusions Challenge. I love springtime and daffodils. The translucent Frescos and infusions together give the project a springtime feel to me, 


Selection of vintage papers
Matt medium
Arch die cut shapes
Fresco paints in Snowflake, Inky Pool, Yellow Submarine and Limelight.
Infusions in Royal Blood, Emerald Isle and A Bit Jaded.
Black Archival ink
Archival ink in Forget Me Not
PaperArtsy stamps by Lin Brown, ELB29, ELB30 and ELB34
Gold paint
Black embossing powder

I gessoed the die cuts and then adhered some scraps of vintage papers using matt medium. While this was drying I sprinkled the infusions onto a plain piece of card and spritzed with water. When this was dry I heat embossed a selection of leaves from the Lin Brown stamps which I then cut out.

On the outer arch rims I applied paint using my finger.  I used the inky pool, lime light and yellow submarine. I then sprinkled on some infusions, spritzed with water and left it to dry naturally.

  Each full arch was painted in one of the three Fresco colours and I then put on a coating of metallic glaze on top.

When everything was dry I stamped on a variety of images using snowflake paint,  forget-me-not and black archival ink. I then added some white paint splatters.

I glued the arches together  and used Tyvek for the hinges (I had painted the part that would show in gold).

I then edged the arches in gold paint and glued on the leaves, some thread and some paper covered wire (can't remember the name for this...oops!!)

Finally I sprinkled a tiny amount of emerald isle infusions onto a piece of card, spritzed it with water and then brushed over it after which I stamped the words I wanted to use on top, cut them out and edged with black ink.


As usual any mistakes are mine own and proud!
Happy messiness to you all.

Friday, 17 February 2017



This is my entry for the Sunday Postcard Art  challenge. I used my Gelli plate for the background, using PaperArtsy Fresco translucent paints. I then did some stencilling after which I added my image of the couple. I'd printed the image with my home printer and then used matt medium to adhere it to the postcard. I would have got a much better result with a laser print but hey...make do and craft! 

I then doodled on the card and added a sentiment ...finished!

If you've dropped by for a look, thank you and happy messiness to you all xxxx

Just had a thought....if I was to redo this I would put a sun setting in the sky...darn, wish I'd thought of it last night!! Always learning.