Wednesday, 13 July 2016



Hi All....

Am I excited.....YES I AM!!!!  I was chosen to be one of the PaperArtsy 3UP team. Once I had finished dancing on my craft mat, woohooing and generally scaring the cats and neighbours I got to work.

Now I have to be a bit of a sycophant here as I adore PaperArtsy and their products and have been using them ever since I began crafting as well as going on various workshops by the PaperArtsy team which I so recommend. I always learn a new way of using their products and come away with yet another gorgeous item to find a home for.

I was sent a lovely selection of products to use and supplemented this with items from my own stash.

So here goes...lets get messy!!

Magical Ingredients

Orange County
A Bit Jaded
Violet Storms
Are You Cerise

Fresco Paint

Grunge Paste
Satin Glaze
Crackle Glaze

White Embossing Powder
Black Archival Ink
A selection of PaperArtsy Stamps

The infusions are a new product which I have not used before so I was really looking forward to having some fun with them and experimenting with different applications. For this project I used the infusions in four different ways and I am sure there will be lots more from my fellow 3UPers which I'm looking forward to trying.

I used a cardboard plaque as my base which I painted in bubblegum. When dry I applied a very thin coat of crackle glaze. I dried this with my heat gun after which I added a thin coat of nougat paint. I was careful to apply this layer very lightly and to not over brush it so that I would not get a patchy crackle. There are some good videos on the PaperArtsy YouTube channel showing how do do this which helped me.

Next I did some stamping on the plaque which I then embossed in white.

I mixed some of the A Bit Jaded Infusion with some Grunge paste and applied this through one of my PaperArtsy stencils. I really liked the result. A great matt finish and the colour was quite vintage which I love. The products were easy to mix and an advantage was that by adding the infusions it did not alter the consistency of the grunge paste.

As the photo above shows I like to cut up my stencils! I find them easier to position where I want them

While the paste was drying I painted several pieces of white card with the satin glaze. I then sprinkled on  some infusions....and here less is best (boy do I find this hard to do!) which I then brushed through the glaze. This gives a lovely striated effect, showing the variety of pigments in each of the infusions as well as producing a subtle translucency. When this was dry (I let this dry naturally) I stamped the flowers and stems on top using black Archival ink and the cut them out.

I then sprinkled some are you cerise infusions onto some surgical gauze and spritzed with water. This gave me a fabulous vintage look and a luscious pink shade.

To add a bit more texture and depth and to knock back the crackle base I sprinkled on some violet storms infusions directly onto the plaque and spritzed with water, wiping back some areas , leaving it to dry naturally.

Finally I added all the elements to the plaque, adding a lot of bling!



In the above photo I've shown a few examples of playtime with the infusions. On the larger piece I had made a spritz of two infusions....the Are You Cerise and Violet Storms and sprayed this through a couple of stencils. This resulted in a lovely soft, misty effect.

On the tag I I used the metallic glaze over a grunge paste and infusions background and this brought out the walnut stain in the infusions quite nicely, giving an aged effect to the background.

On the last piece I was quite liberal with the infusions. I sprayed a piece of card with water, applied the infusions, spritzed with water and then covered with clingfilm and left it to dry. Love the effect!


This was such fun to do. A huge THANK YOU to PaperArtsy for this opportunity. A massive HUG to Darcy Wilkinson who has had to deal with my panicky emails and wonky photos!!

In all the excitement of being picked for this project I forgot I was going on holiday. I thought there would be no problem doing my blog on holiday....WRONG!! For some reason my tablet wanted to write it all in I only know three words, please...thank you and !!?!....this did not help. So I had to write this on my return which was a bit of a rush so my apologies for any mistakes and photo quality. Actually I might have been better writing it in Balinese !!!

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting and happy messiness to all xxx