Friday, 29 April 2016


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Hi Everybody. 

Well, makes a change, a typical April week....sunshine, rain, sleet, sunshine, more sleet....and start all over again! It's such a shame as I haven't been able to do the gardening and have had to get covered in paint instead. Tragic! I was joking about the garden though. My garden and I have an understanding...we leave each other alone unless absolutely necessary.

This week I'm entering the PaperArtsy challenge using rubbish....crafty, creative rubbish though! This was for me a 'challenging' challenge as white space can be a bit intimidating....down right scary I say! So I put my big girls pants on and set about challenging my 'eeeeek scary' head.

I was at the wonderful monthly craft group that I go to, run by the amazing Lynne Gilbert, trying to create a thing(or several) of beauty but really having a good natter and nosing at what all the other talented women were making whilst enjoying the coffee and nibbles that Lynne supplies( yes...I do leave some for others, my mum taught me well....).

Anyhoo, Lynne was showing us a technique that Kim Dellow uses which I must say is FABULOUS!!! My friend Debbie had finished with the repositional tape I'd shared and said that, knowing me, I'd probably make use of it. This was true. Last club I found a bit of a stick which I took a liking to and used it to make a hanging hearts thingie. I also love rusty bits of metal, onion bags, sea glass, shells, cereal packets, bottle tops, beer tops, computer parts,,,,,,etc. All donations welcome by the way....

So I had these pieces of painty tape, lovely colours on them too. I stuck them on a piece of card, in a creative and arty way of course, to take them home with me. I rather liked how they looked on the card but did not really know what I would do with them.

When I saw what the latest PaperArtsy challenge was I immediately thought of the tape...and this is how I made this journal layout....


repositional tape
PaperArtsy Fresco paints...variety of colours
JOFY flover stamps
Stampotique sentiment
pen and black ink
Cosmic Shimmer glue
Archival ink in black

I had already put the tape on the card so that part was done. As the colours were so lovely and bright I decided to use flowers with it. I like to make dimensional pieces ... so loads of flowers needed. I used JOFY flowers which I love, particularly as there are three sizes, all slightly different. 

I painted a piece of card, using the Kim Dellow technique and the same colours that were used on the tape. I then stamped the flowers onto the card and cut them out. I then stamped the sentiment onto a piece of white card, cut it out and edged it with the black archival.

I matted the tape card onto apiece of A4 white card and then stuck on the flowers. After this I flicked some black paint onto the whole piece and then drew and ink border and attached the sentiment....tadah!

Now for an apology...sorry about the mixed bold and not bold sections, can't remember how to correct it. If I haven't put in links correctly, my bad!

And now for the important bit, thank you for taking time to read this and I hope I made you smile...also happy with the odd groan instead though.

Happy crafting to all (and gardening...) xxx


  1. Looks plain simple and arty just like someone I know....

    Well done tricia.

  2. Looks plain simple and arty just like someone I know....

    Well done tricia.

    1. Thanks Fred....are you calling me plain? Careful or I'll make you lots more 'stuff' for you to find a home for...

  3. Very fun page. Love the colour against the white.
    Catherine x

  4. Very fun page. Love the colour against the white.
    Catherine x

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Debs, I seem to be moving away from the dark side! Love your latest Paperrtsy!!

  6. Gorgeous Tricia. Love everything about it. And beautiful colours with only a splash of black! Xxx

  7. Thanks Lynne! If it wasn't for your club I wouldn't have a corner to play in! Thanks and hugs xxx

  8. You are so talented, seeing the possibilities of what is in front of you. Well done !!

  9. Thanks Denise. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing that made your fingers so blue!!