Saturday, 27 August 2016

Deligeli Cans


Hi Everyone!

So how often do we look at sundry items and think 'ooo....I could do something with that!'? I expect we all have our favourite things too. Mine is coffee cans. Having said that I've never been that happy with the end results until now mainly because I have club hands and don't have the flexibility needed to get the effect I want without making such a mess I give up. I still kept on collecting the cans though!!

Then I met the latest love in my crafting life...deli paper. It's brilliant and cheap which is also brilliant! I initially bought it because I had seen other crafters using it with their Gelli plates and I adore my Gelli (called Flopsy) so she needed this. I tried it and fell in love...again.

So why do love it? because it is thin, between tissue paper and copy paper I'd say, it is easier to press into the design of my stencils. It has a semi translucent quality so good for layering. It's stronger than tissue paper so, for me, easier to stamp on and paint without disintegrating into a mucky mess. I also use it, as do others, as scrap paper for cleaning my brayer, stamps and Flopsy. And finally it is cheap...see I am repeating myself, because I loves cheap!!

Needless to say I keep all the paper I use for cleaning up stuff which brings me back to my coffee cans which I use for storing my brushes, pencils, markers etc. Also I have got to tidy my craft I can get in it again...not joking either. So, of course, rather than tidying my craft room I decide to decorate the coffee cans, which will make really useful storage, for when I tidy my room. Right, on with the make.


Deli paper
Coffee cans
White gesso
Black Archival ink
PaperArtsy Fresco paints
Dylusions acrylic paints
Black and white marker pens
Matt medium
A selection of PaperArtsy stamps

I used deli paper that I had saved from previous projects and I cut it to fit the coffee cans which I had painted with gesso.

Whilst the gesso was drying I did some stamping onto the deli paper. Some of the stamping I did with paint and some of it with ink. Here I also used my gelli plate. I brayered the paint on to it and then applied the stamp to the paint.I find this easier than applying the paint to my craft mat as I find I get a smoother layer of paint. Also I then use deli paper to wipe up the remains of the paint and so have more paper to play with at a later date.

I then doodled with the marker pens. When all the stamping and doodling was dry I used the matt medium to attach the paper to the cans and I put a coat of matt medium over the top as well to seal everything. The deli paper did wrinkle in places which I think was due to my technique but I rather like that effect although its not very noticeable.  I also put a bit of black gesso around the top and bottom rims of the cans and painted the lids with black gesso. 

I really enjoyed making these as it was really easy and relaxing as they did not have to be perfect. they will be used to store my beads, shells and beach glass....and I will need more cans....happy days!!!

If you have read this far, thank you very much and I hope you all rush out and buy deli paper!

Cheers and messy crafting to all xxxx



  1. These are great!. I love Paperartsy stamps too & the colours you've used with them are lovely & bright. Think I might have to get some deli paper to play with now!. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Amy X

    1. Thanks so much! I sought a pack of 500 10inch by 10inch sheets from Amazon for about £11. Love the stuff!!

    2. Thanks so much! I sought a pack of 500 10inch by 10inch sheets from Amazon for about £11. Love the stuff!!

    3. Thanks so much! I sought a pack of 500 10inch by 10inch sheets from Amazon for about £11. Love the stuff!!

  2. Wow this is stunning project. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. Amazing work. Great project
    Hugs June x