Monday, 7 November 2016

Typographical Transformations

Hi everyone!

I was really chuffed to be asked to do a blog post for PaperArtsy on the Typography theme. I  chose to use the new Tracy Scott stamps which I love, particuarly for journalling.

For this project I went back to my old cans and a chocolate box...sadly emptied. I love repurposing items and I drink lots of coffee so a match made in heaven!

So I started by gessoing a few tins. I didn't bother with the chocci box as it was already white. Two of the cans were done for later projects. While the gesso was drying I tore up a selection of old papers that had a variety of fonts. I tore them into differing sizes and then attached them to the tin/chocci box using matt medium. I was not too particular about this part so applied them fairly randomly.

When this was dry I decided I wanted the background colour to be a bit more uniform so I applied a coat of Nougat which I watered down slightly.

Then I heat embossed a variety of the ETS01Tracy Scott stamps and a couple of the PaperArtsy background stamps, BG4 and BG5 onto some deli paper using black embossing powder. On the reverse of the embossed side I coloured in the images with a variety of Fresco paints. I chose to do two different colour schemes but I think I am going to have to do another tin to match the chocci box!

For the box I used Sour Grapes, Eggplant, Lavender and Moonlight. For the tin I used Guacamole, Bubblegum, Haystack and Carribean Sea,

I then cut out the images I wanted to use and attached them to the tin/box using matt medium. When this was dry I drew around the images with a Stabilo that can be used on different surfaces...after which I used a fine wet brush to blend around the stamped images. I did this because I wanted to add a bit if definition and give a more grungy look.

I added paint drips and splatters in gold onto the can and on the box I roughly sponged the edges in black paint...Little Black Dess of course!! I think I am on myn 6th bottle of this as I used it so much.

When this had all dried I sprayed a shine spray onto both....very heavily and a couple of coats as I wanted to both seal them and give a glossy accent sort of effect.

Tadah!! Finished and had lots of fun. Two more storage containers for my craft room....when I can get into it but! I am going to be brave (or mad...its all perspective no?) and post some photos of my craft room...before and after the mega tidy. This is so I will NEVER let it get so messy least not for a few months.

A huge thank you to Paperartsy for giving me the opportunity to do this.
And a massive thanks to all of you for visiting and happy messiness to you all xxxx

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  1. Just come from the PA blog Tricia, great post, thank you for sharing your ideas.
    Carol x